Summer Shopping Events…

Dear Readers,

In this blog I wanted to show you something different. When I started Second Life, the darker the skin the better. Due to the fact that I felt that I couldn’t use all the make ups I wanted on darker skins, I switched back to bronze colors. A lot has changed since then. There is so much more available on the market and of better quality too, like this skin by Wow Skins. I love this skin and it works perfectly on my own shape. Skin is available as of June 27th!

The jewelry that I’m wearing is new by Zuri Jewelry. She has made a grand total 12 different versions of her Vintage Bliss sets. You can purchase the sets with or without pearls and different types of metals. For today’s blog I’m wearing the Black Pearl Collection.

The cute dress that I’m wearing I purchased at the Summer Fest. This was one of those items that I couldn’t pass on. If you enter the sim, take a right turn on the path, it’s close on the outer row of beach shacks.

The Look

Happy Shopping ❤

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