Why is the question I ask myself

Dear Readers,

In todays blog I am going to show you a beautiful new release by Poet’s Heart called Aranel Inwen in the color dream but before I do, I want to share something with you.

Yesterday an airplane filled with 198 Dutch (and other nationalities) that was on it’s way to holiday destination Indonesia, got shot out of the air. I am shocked, I am sad and I ask myself… Why? It has touched me so deeply, that I’m writing about it today.

I feel lucky that within the sadness, Poet’s Heart warmed my heart. This beautiful mesh gown with lace flexi’s and mesh roses makes you feel you’re living a fairy tale. I’ve chosen my favorite colors to wear today but this gown comes in an amazing 18 different colors! Good to know as well, she added 2 huds to color the roses. One hud for darker tones and one for lighter tones.

The skin that I’m wearing by Wow Skins is available at the OMG Room for 99L. It’s called Renata and I’m wearing it in Tan.

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