Hunger Games AD1

‘I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.’ ― Suzanne Collins

It is the 75th Quell of The Hunger Games And OPIUM Evolution is covering the global festivities. This tribute production is creatively showcasing the best of Second Life’s Fashion Designers, married with the latest in virtual technology, music, and conceptualization to bring you The Hunger Games Tribute.

OPIUM Evolution invites you to come experience something extraordinary, something vivid, magnetic………spectral. With twenty one high-profiled Second Life Designers and over 100 Exclusive designs created JUST for this arresting event.
O P I U M Evolution is presenting two shows, over the course of a week to bring The Hunger Games Tribute…to life. Designer Shops will be on the immaculate set with all of the exclusives, and more, available for purchase.


Show 1
1 August 2014 | 6 pm slt
2 August 2014 | 4 pm slt
3 August 2014 | 10 am slt

Show 2
8 August 2014 | 6 pm slt
9 August 2014 | 4Pm Slt
10 August 2014 | 10 am Slt


TP : <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>The Hunger Games Tribute</a>




Baboom Couture
Champagne Sparkling Fashion
Dead Dollz
E F Designs
Glam Dreams
Hawkers House
Jumo Fashion
L + N Designs
Liv Glam
Living Imagination

Lyrical B!zarre



Maidens Closet
Sacha’s Designs
Vero Modero
Wicca’s Wardrobe


Breeder’s Choice – Mesh Animals

Dita Actor – Photographer

Dita started to make images in sl in 2012 and since then, has had her work featured in SL exhibitions and magazines. Her image making has also been adopted into RL, application ; representing the Fashion Consultancy – Rebelle +Charlot ( ‘s virtual identity.

Dita describes her image making process as “artography” ; combining a mix of post production techniques on sl shot screen captures to produce images often with a surreal theme – which is what she believes to describe the experience of the virtual world.
Dita continues to explore and make images inspired by her SL adventures.

The main body of her work can be viewed on
with her blog on


Contact inworld:

Anastacia Markova

O P I U M Productions

OPIUM Evolution is a production agency in Second Life that orchestrates fashion, music, and theatre to produce entertaining experiential events.

Facebook :
Blog :


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