Wishful thinking

Dear Readers,

In this blog I’m showing you a lot of Jumo Fashion. This is not her newest release but since I was on vacation and really really wanted to blog this piece, I’m blogging it a bit late.

This cute coat that comes with matching shoes and jewelry is called “Albany” and is available in several different colors. The shoes are for Slink High Feet and have a lot of detail to them.

The skin that I’m wearing I’ve also worn in my previous blog. It’s the latest by Deesses and I’m wearing the lipstick that comes with it as well. The eye make up is also by Deesses from one of her previous releases. Personally, I’m totally in love with Deesses and especially her cosmetics. I can honestly recommend you pay a visit to her store if you haven’t yet.

The Look

*Skin & Lips: Deesses – Lorelay Flat White skin & lipstick Berry Ice Dark
*Eye make up: Deesses – Illumy Eye shadow 13
*Hair: enVOGUE – Jessica
*Outfit: Jumo Fashion – Albani Cherise incl shoes & jewelry

Happy Shopping ❤

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